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  Ayurvedic bath cum face pack powder:  

To take bath:  Take bath powder (2 table spoons full) dry.

After pouring water on the body, mix the dry

powder in the water on your body.  Scrub    

nicely on upwards and wash.  Repeat with

scrubing downwards.  Wash.  Nicely towel.

Face pack:  Take 2 table spoon full of bath cum facepack powder in a bowl.  Mix in toothpaste consistency with the

following juices.

Fruits:  Apple, orange, papaya, tomato, pomogranate ,with butter.

Veg:  white pumpkin and cucumber

In addition  powder could be mixed with 1st coconut milk, tender coconut water, honey, nungu, watermelon jjuice, freshneem leavescrushed in to paste along with cow's milk.

How to use:  Apply orange tonique as base on face.  Apply facepack evenly and thin coating 2 times. Stay for 1/2 hr. wash the pack and again wash with same powder.

Upper lip and lower chin hair growth: 

Ingrediants and procedures are same. How to use also same.  Only difference for normal fairness kit face pack has tobe applied twice. Here facepack has to be applied 5 times on and on and on. Stay for 1 hour. Then wash face pack and again give one more wash with powder.

Fairness kit: 3 Nos. orange toniques ( 100 Ml) each

                    3 Nos. bath cum face pack powders

                     (1 Kg.) each

Orange toniq: 

1oo ml orange toniq consists 60 nos, oranges, sandel oil, saffron oil, badam oil, lemon oil Vitamin-E oil and olive oil, coconut cream.

How to use:  Rub a small quantity of orange toniq on your face and body uniformely.  Stay for 1/2 hr,   Wash   with powder.  Daily application  will give quick result.

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